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January 2017 Newsletter

When Overconfidence Hurts There are times in our lives when being confident is a good thing. But there are situations where being overconfident can hurt, especially when it comes to investments. Psychologists have studied confidence, and how it relates to previous knowledge we have. During the study, they asked questions that would require a range […]

December 2016 Newsletter | Better Now or Better Before?

Better Now or Better Before? After the elections held last month (November 2016), many Americans are reflecting on how they ‘feel’. All indications are that the last eight years has created ‘a feeling’ in most Americans regarding their financial security and the economy as a whole. To remind you of the past, let’s take a […]

November 2016 Newsletter

Don’t Ignore Medicare Open Enrollment Every year those on Medicare have the opportunity to update their coverage during the open enrollment period that ranges from October 15 to December 7. This means you can change your provider for Medicare Part D, the prescription drug coverage, and for a Medicare Advantage Plan if you have or […]

September Newsletter | Does An Election Year Affect Your Portfolio

Understanding Your Employee Benefits As you work and save money for retirement, take time to understand what benefits are offered at your employer in addition to your retirement plan.  Even if the focus of your relationship with your financial advisor is your retirement and other securities related assets, employer benefits should always be discussed.  Consider […]

Retire and Spend Courageously

Retirement is a time of excitement and anxiety regarding if your savings will last through your entire remaining life.  Many retirees find that their spending is more costly in the beginning, and slows as they age.  If you are sure you’ll be cutting back as you age, you can budget for these changes.  Here is […]

June 2016 Newsletter

Mental Accounting: Help or Hindrance? Mental Accounting attempts to describe the process where people code, categorize, and evaluate economic outcomes for their money.  This term was developed by psychologist Richard Thaler in the late1980s when he discovered that people may have multiple mental accounts for various things, but all coming from the same kind of […]

What To Do With Your Inheritance

  What To Do With Your Inheritance Doing your homework and seeking advice is highly recommended when an individual or family is faced with what to do with an inheritance. Understanding your options is crucial in a potential life changing event. Inheritance Depending on the stage of life you are in when you inherit assets will have […]

May 2016 Newsletter

What Impact Does Working Have on My Social Security Benefits? There is a lot of confusion about the impact of working on those who are taking their Social Security benefits. Here are a few things to know. · If you are drawing a benefit and you are younger than your full retirement age or FRA […]

5 Common Investment Scams

Investment scams aren’t something new; unfortunately they have been around for hundreds of years.  What is new is the way that scammers try to get to you with more complex offerings.  Be aware of these common scams: Private Event with ‘Free Lunch’- These are an invitation only event, where you are invited to find out […]

April 2016 Newsletter

Reasons to Avoid 401(k) Loans Many 401(k) plans offer the option to take a loan against a portion of your 401(k) balance. This might seem like an easy source of funds to tap for various reasons, but with exception of a dire emergency you should think twice about borrowing from your 401(k) plan. Leaving your […]

March 2016 Newsletter

How to Succeed in a Failing Stock Market The start of 2016 has not been a good one for investors to say the least. Through the middle of January, the swift, sharp decline was the worst start to a new year ever. Even experienced investors and financial advisors find these market declines unsettling. As an […]